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Press release
November 14, 2022

Fair Friday: a symbol of the fight against overconsumption

From Friday November 25 to Monday November 28 , Jade Roller , at the initiative of the movement, is joining forces with the charity organization Break Poverty , to launch the third edition of Fair Friday in order to counter the very consumerist Black Friday. The main objective: to give it an ethical and solidarity dimension.

During these 4 days, Jade Roller donates 50% of its turnover to Break Poverty, an organization that fights extreme poverty among young people and children in France.


In an increasingly difficult economic context with generalized inflation, it is important for the brand to mobilize as many people as possible for this Fair Friday event.

How ? By highlighting a current cause, that of the fight against the precariousness of children and young people in France.

Break Poverty

Fair Friday, why?

Originally from the United States, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday encourage retailers to offer discount prices on the last Friday of November. This day, which has become a symbol of consumerism, is one of the days when people buy the most in the world.

Fair Friday presents itself as a strong solidarity project offered as an alternative to overconsumption. This movement therefore wishes to enable buyers to permanently change their consumption patterns. During these 4 days, each brand involved in the movement donates part of its sales in the form of a donation.

In two editions, this initiative was a success since more than 10,000 euros in donations were collected in a few days.


Support for young people in France

We do not know enough about it: 1 in 5 children is poor in France , that is to say more than 3 million. And these numbers unfortunately continue to increase.

The donations collected during this Fair Friday will make it possible to support Break Poverty's innovative support actions for young people from childhood, wishing to build themselves and live outside the scandalous circle of extreme poverty.

For this, the action of Break  Poverty is based on three main levers: support for early childhood, the fight against dropping out of school and access to first employment for disadvantaged young people. Break  Poverty supports programs that have proven their effectiveness and impact.

Every child deserves to have a bright future!

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Alone is good, together is better

Supporting the movement also and above all means talking about it around you. Alone, our impact could be limited, together we can make things happen. Thank you to you who read this message to share around you.

About Break Poverty Foundation
Break Poverty Foundation is a French humanitarian organization that fights against poverty by acting on its causes. While one in five children lives below the poverty line in France, Break Poverty is committed to finding innovative and high-impact solutions so that poor children do not become poor adults.

If you want more information about Break Poverty, check out their website: https://breakpoverty.com/

About Jade Roller
Jade Roller is a beauty brand that combines performance and tradition. A pioneer on the French market, Jade Roller develops massage tools and cosmetics that are rooted in age-old Asian beauty rituals. https://jaderoller.com

Press contacts:
Jade Roller : Perrine Lapeyre – perrine@jaderoller.fr – 0531216145
Break Poverty: Jeanne Leclerc – jleclerc@breakpoverty.com – 0187446995

Find all the information on the Fair Friday operation: https://jaderoller.com/fair-friday