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Press release

August 29, 2023

The French brand Jade Roller sets out to conquer new markets

After 5 years of crazy growth, Jade Roller , the French brand reference in the beauty and well-being tools industry, announces a decisive step in its development. In order to expand its activities across the world and consolidate its leading position in the market, the startup has made significant changes to its website and is targeting the international market.

Amethyst Gua Sha Massage

A Toulouse success story

Since its inception, Jade Roller has risen through the ranks with exponential growth, hoisting its name as the reference brand for beauty and well-being tools. Founded in Toulouse five years ago, the company quickly won over thousands of users across the country thanks to its range of beauty tools and an approach based on product quality and authenticity.

As a true pioneer, Jade Roller not only conquered the national market, but also introduced the secrets of Asian beauty rituals to the Western market, thus propelling the brand to new horizons. By launching her range of tools and treatments online, she quickly expanded her reach internationally, attracting the attention of a global community.

To support its global expansion, the brand is evolving its website, moving from jaderoller.fr to jaderoller.com , and has just completed a complete overhaul of it by offering its site in several languages. Jade Roller 's iconic products .

Aware of the logistical challenges inherent in international distribution, Jade Roller has established strategic partnerships aimed at guaranteeing an exceptional customer experience. This initiative allowed the company to set up a fast and efficient delivery system. Thibault Nelkin, founder of the brand, shares his point of view on this approach by affirming that this commitment “marks a major turning point in the development of the brand. After introducing these Asian beauty rituals in France, our ambition is now to become the world leader in this market . He goes on to say: “To achieve this goal, we have established collaborations with local partners who ensure global delivery in just 3 to 5 days . Thibault Nelkin also adds that the company has strengthened its teams with the arrival of new nationalities in customer service in order to guarantee an even smoother purchasing experience.

New horizons, new goals

Always driven by a spirit of evolution, the French brand that has captured the hearts of users across countries is now preparing for key milestones reflecting its ambitious vision for the future.

As part of its expansion, Jade Roller plans to double its existing workforce to meet growing demand for its products globally, furthering its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

At the same time, Jade Roller aims to expand its premises in order to accommodate its own laboratory. Thanks to this dedicated laboratory, combining tradition and biotechnological advances, the brand is acquiring the necessary means to extend its range of cosmetics with 5 new products in preparation. This innovative approach is part of its persistent desire to offer effective and quality biological care that meets the needs and requirements of its clientele.

Aligned with this ambitious vision, Jade Roller has set itself a landmark goal: to reach 100,000 customers worldwide by 2025, a bold step demonstrating the brand's confidence in its ability to reach more and more daily users at worldwide.

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About Jade Roller

Jade Roller is a brand of beauty products combining performance and tradition. Elle became known thanks to the success of the jade facial roller and gua sha . A pioneer on the French market, Jade Roller develops massage tools and cosmetics, which are anchored in age-old Asian beauty rituals.

A strong positioning
Since its creation 5 years ago, the start-up has stood out from the start thanks to its ambition to make people discover beauty tools and quality treatments inspired by Asian beauty rituals at affordable prices.

Brand Commitment
In addition to its business expansion, Jade Roller is strongly committed to sustainability. The brand offers entirely vegan, cruelty-free care, made in France and promotes ethical sourcing practices for all of its products.

Press contact:
Perrine Lapeyre – perrine@jaderoller.fr – 0531216145

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