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Skin care

What are the differences between the jade facial roller and the gua sha?

The jade facial roller and the gua sha are beauty tools from ancestral Asian rituals that have become very popular around the world for their benefits on the skin. These two tools are basically used to massage the face, but they differ in their shape and effects.

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jade facial roller

The jade facial roller is a massage tool originally made of jade stone, hence its name. It is now available in different stones such as rose quartz or amethyst. This has two ends in the form of a roll of different sizes. It acts on the surface of the skin by providing a draining massage. By using it daily morning and evening, the roller will have the benefits of smoothing skin texture, reducing imperfections, reducing wrinkles and reducing swelling.

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The gua sha

The gua sha is a fine stone massage tool such as jade, amethyst or rose quartz. This stone is flat and smooth in the shape of a heart to adapt to different facial lines. Originating in China, “gua sha” means “to scrape off disease”, so it is used to provide a deeper massage. By massaging your face 2 to 3 times a week (or more if you feel the need) with gua sha, you will notice a thinning of the oval of the face and redesigned cheekbones, a firmer and more luminous skin.

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Comparative jade facial roller and gua sha


beauty toolsRoll On
Gua Sha
The Gua Sha
type of massageSurfaceIn depth
Main ActionsDrains
FrequencyMorning and evening
Morning and evening
2 to 3 times / week.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Reduce dark circles and puffiness
  • Illuminates the complexion
  • Facilitates the absorption of care
  • Reduces muscle tension

Both the jade facial roller and the gua sha offer unique benefits for the skin and general well-being. The jade facial roller is ideal for a gentle, relaxing facial massage, while the gua sha is more suited for a deeper, targeted massage. Some may prefer the jade facial roller for its ease of use, while others find the gua sha more effective in targeting specific issues. In any case, these two tools can be integrated together into a skincare routine to reap all the benefits!

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