The Lunar Calendar 2023: meanings

For thousands of years, mankind has watched the majesty of the Moon in the night sky. The moon has fascinated people across cultures and times, and played a vital role in our understanding of time. This is why the lunar calendar was created, offering a unique perspective on the relationship between time and the Moon.

Lunar Calendar 2023

What is the Lunar Calendar?

The lunar calendar is a system that follows the cycles of the Moon to divide the year into months. Unlike the traditional solar calendar, which is based on the Earth's orbital year around the Sun, the lunar calendar focuses on the phases of the Moon. Each lunar month begins with the New Moon, when the Moon is not visible from Earth, and ends with the Full Moon, when the Moon is fully illuminated.

Lunar Calendar 2023

moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌕 Full Moon07/01/2023♋️ Cancer
🌗 Last quarter15/01/2023♎️ Libra
🌑 New Moon21/01/2023♒️ Aquarius
🌓 First Quarter28/01/2023♉️ Taurus
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌕 Full Moon05/02/2023♌️ Leo
🌗 Last quarter13/02/2023♏️ Scorpio
🌑 New Moon20/02/2023♓️ Fish
🌓 First Quarter27/02/2023♊️ Gemini
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌕 Full Moon07/03/2023♍️ Virgo
🌗 Last quarter15/03/2023♐️ Sagittarius
🌑 New Moon21/03/2023♈️ Aries
🌓 First Quarter29/03/2023♋️ Cancer
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌕 Full Moon06/04/2023♎️ Libra
🌗 Last quarter13/04/2023♑️ Capricorn
🌑 New Moon20/04/2023♈️ Aries
🌓 First Quarter27/04/2023♌️ Leo
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌕 Full Moon05/05/2023♏️ Scorpio
🌗 Last quarter12/05/2023♒️ Aquarius
🌑 New Moon19/05/2023♉️ Taurus
🌓 First Quarter27/05/2023♋️ Virgo
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌕 Full Moon04/06/2023♐️ Sagittarius
🌗 Last quarter10/06/2023♓️ Fish
🌑 New Moon18/06/2023♊️ Gemini
🌓 First Quarter26/06/2023♋️ Libra
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌕 Full Moon03/07/2023♑️ Capricorn
🌗 Last quarter10/07/2023♈️ Aries
🌑 New Moon17/07/2023♋️ Cancer
🌓 First Quarter26/07/2023♋️ Scorpio
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌕 Full Moon01/08/2023♒️ Aquarius
🌗 Last quarter08/08/2023♉️ Taurus
🌑 New Moon16/08/2023♌️ Leo
🌓 First Quarter24/08/2023♐️ Sagittarius
🌕 Full Moon31/08/2023♑️ Fish
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌗 Last quarter07/09/2023♊️ Gemini
🌑 New Moon15/09/2023♍️ Virgo
🌓 First Quarter22/09/2023♐️ Sagittarius
🌕 Full Moon29/09/2023♑️ Aries
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌗 Last quarter06/10/2023♋️ Cancer
🌑 New Moon14/10/2023♎️ Libra
🌓 First Quarter22/10/2023♒️ Aquarius
🌕 Full Moon28/10/2023♑️ Taurus
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌗 Last quarter05/11/2023♌️ Leo
🌑 New Moon13/11/2023♏️ Scorpio
🌓 First Quarter20/11/2023♒️ Aquarius
🌕 Full Moon27/11/2023♑️ Gemini
moon phaseDateAstrological sign
🌗 Last quarter05/12/2023♍️ Virgo
🌑 New Moon13/12/2023♐️ Sagittarius
🌓 First Quarter19/12/2023♓️ Fish
🌕 Full Moon27/12/2023♑️ Cancer

The Cultural Importance of the Lunar Calendar

In many cultures around the world, the lunar calendar has played a central role in people's daily lives. For example, in Chinese tradition, the lunar calendar is used to determine the dates of traditional festivals, such as the Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival.  

The lunar calendar also offers symbolic meaning. The different phases of the Moon are often associated with concepts such as growth, fertility, and transformation. The New Moon is considered the start of a new cycle, a good time to set new goals. The Full Moon, on the other hand, is often tied to completion, peak energy, and enlightenment. It is during this full moon phase that you can recharge the stones of your beauty tools with energy.

If you want to know more about the methods of purification and recharging stones, do not hesitate to consult our article: “How to purify and recharge your beauty tools?”

The influence of the Lunar Calendar on nature

Apart from its cultural significance, the lunar calendar also plays a crucial role in observing nature. The tides, for example, are influenced by the gravity of the Moon, and their rhythm is often linked to the lunar phases. Similarly, many animal and plant species use lunar cycles to regulate their behaviors, such as reproduction and migration.

Gardeners and farmers also use the lunar calendar to plan their activities. Depending on the lunar phases, certain periods are considered more favorable for planting, harvesting or pruning plants. This approach, known as 'moon gardening' or 'biodynamic agriculture', is based on the idea that cosmic forces can influence plant growth.

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