Jade: virtues and meanings

Jade is a semi-precious stone, revered for millennia by Chinese emperors and empresses. With its shades of green, this precious mineral has always fascinated civilizations thanks to its many virtues.

jade stone

Information sheet

Water green to emerald green
Double aluminum and sodium silicate with the formula NaAl(SiO6). 
6-7 Mohs (relatively hard)
The main deposits are located in Burma, China, Canada and New Zealand.
Heart and Third eye
Most sensitive zodiac signs
Although anyone can wear jade, the most sensitive signs are: Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini, Taurus, Cancer

The jade stone consists mainly of two types of minerals: jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is considered the more precious and rarer of the two varieties (when it is a transparent emerald green it is called “imperial jade”). Jade stone can also be found in other colors, such as white, black, purple, and orange.


Symbol of Luck and Prosperity
Jade is often considered a lucky stone, capable of attracting good luck, prosperity and positive opportunities in the lives of those who wear it. It is often used in manifestation and visualization practices.

Symbol of longevity and vitality
Jade is often associated with longevity, health and vitality. It is said to strengthen the immune system, stimulate cell regeneration and bring revitalizing energy to the body. It promotes physical well-being and overall good health. In antiquity, Chinese empresses used jade rollers to preserve their youthfulness.

Symbol of honesty and virtue
In some cultures, jade is considered a symbol of honesty, virtue and moral integrity. It embodies positive qualities such as justice and righteousness, and is often used as a reminder to maintain ethical conduct.

The jade stone and spirituality

Jade is associated with spiritual growth, awakening and expanding consciousness. It promotes self-exploration, spiritual development and strengthens connections with the spiritual world. It helps in meditation and promotes inner peace. It is a protective stone that wards off negative energies and brings luck and prosperity.

The jade stone on the body

The jade stone is also used in healing and wellness practices. Elle is often used for face, neck and body massages, as it promotes blood circulation, relaxes muscles and rejuvenates the skin. Contact with the jade stone can help balance the body's energy and stimulate the internal organs.

How to recharge and purify the jade stone?

To purify and recharge a jade stone, you can use the following methods:

  • Solar charging: expose your jade stone to direct sunlight.
  • Amethyst Geode: Just place your jade stone for a day in the geode cavity. The amethyst geode also needs to be purified and recharged from time to time.
  • Purification by water: immerse your jade stone in spring water.
  • Purification by fumigation: burn incense, white sage or a palo santo and pass your jade stone through the smoke for a few moments.

The jade stone is a gem of exceptional beauty that has deep virtues and symbolic meanings. Whether in the realm of spirituality, healing or protection, this gemstone is a real treasure that continues to fascinate people around the world.

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