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The effects of stress on the skin

Have you ever wondered why your skin is prone to breakouts or acne when you face peak stress? If so, it's obviously no coincidence. Your skin is the mirror of your emotions, so take care of your inner and outer beauty, your skin will reward you.

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When you are stressed, your body interprets it as a potential threat. It then goes into defense mode and produces stress hormones. This will have several consequences on your skin:

Appearance of imperfections and pimples 

When you're dealing with peak stress or chronic stress, cortisol levels rise. This hormone called “stress hormone” increases the production of sebum.

Result ? The pores get clogged, which leads to the appearance of blackheads or acne pimples.

Acceleration of skin aging 

Cortisol has another impact on the skin: it alters the skin barrier which protects against external factors (dust, pollutants, UV rays, bacteria, etc.). Our skin is therefore more sensitive and fragile.  

Result ? Skin aging accelerates, the skin dries out, wrinkles deepen and pigment spots may appear.

Alteration of the complexion 

Beyond cortisol, stress releases other hormones. Each causes chain reactions in the body and in the skin tissue.

Result ? Depending on the type of stress encountered, these hormones can cause vasoconstriction, resulting in a paler complexion. in other cases, stress causes vasodilation and redness or patches may appear.

Appearance of bags under the eyes

Stress hormones can also cause blood vessels to dilate or narrow. Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are then less efficient.  

Results ? Dark circles are darker, more marked and can even create bags under the eyes.

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